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Cyprus International University’s Faculty of Agriculture

Cyprus International University’s Faculty of Agriculture is by far the best in the sub-region. With a modernized and technologically advanced farm where theories are practicalized and research carried out, it sure remains the study destination of tomorrow’s generation of Nations’ feeders. With sustainability as the core aim, the farm is by far the largest self-sufficient agricultural project in the Mediterranean. Right from feed production and processing, milk extraction and processing, animal waste/droppings management, through to reproduction and nurturing and biogas plant, the main principle of sustainable farming- meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations is met.

Feed Production and Processing
CIU has over 30 hectares of land for large scale cultivation and animal farming. On a large scale, they produce various agricultural products ranging from various food crops to cash crops for supply and consumption. For the sustainability of the farm, CIU again has 5 hectares of land for the production of hay/grass, pasture and forage production to feed its livestock.

Milk Extraction and Processing
CIU also have a spacious well-structured cattle farm with about 2000 cattle mostly for diary purposes. The institution maintains a low stress environment which involves providing access to shelter from extreme weather, health, humane handling and nourishment. To ensure total feed operation and optimum productivity, the cattle have been grouped according to the production level and stage of lactation to be able to attend to needs of the livestock and accordingly budget expectation. CIU has an effective and efficient Automated Milking System for the extraction of milk from the cattle on the farm. This system is able to generate thousands of tons of milk per day for raw supply and processing.

Animal Reproduction and Nurturing
To consistently achieve a high level of cow reproductive efficiency, CIU sustains a high proportion of cows becoming pregnant early in the optimum conception period. The institution also conducts pregnancy testing to remove non-pregnant cows or cows that conceive late, and ensure high cow and calf survival through to weaning, during which time pregnancies for the next calf crop are established. Cyprus International University employs various technical strategies in maintaining and improving the reproduction and nurturing of livestock. Such as:
    Cattle control (to improve management capacity)

    Disease control (proper veterinary measures)

    Artificial insemination

    Pasture management: appropriate pasture utilization (feed available)

    Weaning management (to remove stress of lactation)

    Mating management (to reduce dry season lactations)

    Strategic supplementation (to correct nutritional deficiencies).

    Biogas Plant Installation

    To secure efficient manure management, CIU is installing an ultra-modern Biogas plant to transform the droppings/dung (anaerobic bacteria digestion) which produces methane into a renewable natural gas. CIU has a mechanized system of routing all the waste from the poultry and cattle farm to the biogas plant station with no threat to the environment. The plant will serve as a great source of practical and research facility both for students from Agriculture Technology and Energy Systems Engineering departments. Management of the facility will be largely constituted of experts and lecturers in the related field with high expertise and knowledge.
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